Our innovative solutions are designed to deliver on long-term industry needs for competitive and sustainable lifting costs.

Technologies are being developed by Pragma in partnership with national and international oil companies and independent operators. They are low risk to deploy and unlike many innovations cost less than current systems on the market.

Production Optimisation Valve »

The Pragma machine learning enabled Production Optimisation Valve is a revolutionary new concept for enhancing flow profiles under all possible scenarios and is the world’s first truly smart flow control valve.

Steam Assisted Recovery Inflow Control Valve »

The Pragma Steam Assisted Recovery Inflow Control Valve is being developed for use in steam flood and steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) applications.

Bridge Plug »

Our expansion technology allows this bridge plug to pass through the smallest of well restrictions and provide downhole expansion ratios far in excess of other products. It offers unrivalled flexibility for temporary or permanent downhole isolation.

Thru-Tubing Expandable Patch (TEP) »

Development of thru-tubing high expansion technologies in collaboration with a Middle East based national oil company.

Velocity String Safety System (VS³) »

The most advanced safety valve system for velocity strings operating in harsh reservoir environments and optimising severely depleted gas wells.

Next Generation Remedial Safety Valve »

Pragma is developing a retrofittable subsurface safety valve designed to allow shut in wells to return to full production.

Downhole Steam Injection Valve (DSIV) »

Enabling steam flood completions in previously inaccessible offshore heavy oil reservoirs in collaboration with OGTC and a UKCS independent operator.

Slim Pump Safety Valve (SPSV) »

A compact subsurface safety valve for cable deployed ESPs, ensuring your well continues to produce safely when your main ESP fails. This technology also enables highly depleted slimwells to be put on ESP lift.