Retrofittable Technologies

We are looking at ways in which retrofittable technologies can be designed for mature oil and gas wells to enhance production.

Velocity String Safety System (VS³)

The most advanced safety valve system for velocity strings operating in harsh reservoir environments and optimising severely depleted gas wells.

Velocity strings are run in depleted gas wells to improve recovery and use small diameter tubing to increase the velocity of the liquids transported from the wellbore to the surface. Pragma’s Velocity String Safety System is designed to support their deployment and the dewatering of mature gas wells. The VS3 comprises a velocity string wellhead spool and hanger and an annulus/ tubing safety valve for combined surface control of tubing and annulus flow. Requiring no additional control lines the valve system keeps deployment costs to minimum and allows for the simultaneous open/close control of both the tubing and annulus bores. Through the use of a flapper for the tubing and a sliding sleeve on the annulus, bidirectional flow is possible on both sides of the velocity string for maximum flexibility.

The safety valve has a number of unique features to ensure reliability including seals that are designed specifically to cope with damaged nipple seal bores on the existing subsurface safety valve (TRSCSSV),features to mitigate contamination of control fluid and pump through/equalising capabilities.

Next Generation Remedial Safety Valve

Industry reports are indicating safety integrity failures of subsurface safety valves in around 20% of wells. In many of these cases wells are shut in, never to return to full production, but Pragma are developing the solution.

Safety valve malfunctions and associated control line failures are two of the most common well integrity problems across the world. Remediation of these issues can be costly and in many cases uneconomic, leaving wells that are capable of producing, shut in. For this reason, Pragma are developing innovative, next generation downhole safety valve remediation technology.

Requiring no modification of surface equipment, this safety valve remediation technology is designed to restore a verifiable barrier allowing for recommencement of well production. Only modern design and manufacturing techniques have made this retrofittable technology possible and for the first time will allow for the maximising of production throughout the remaining well life.

The next generation Pragma solution will offer operators an unparalleled opportunity to cost effectively increase production from shut in wells and deliver a fast response to safety valve failures.