Production Enhancement

Pragma has developed downhole technology to enhance production profiles in conventional and steam assisted recovery applications.

Production Optimisation Valve

The Pragma machine learning enabled Production Optimisation Valve is a revolutionary new concept for enhancing flow profiles under all possible scenarios and is the world’s first truly smart flow control valve.

The project, partly funded by the OGTC, will develop a compact device that allows for continuous monitoring of the fluid entering and exiting it. This allows for real-time, reactive and automatic choking of flow in response to properties such as viscosity, density, temperature, pressure, resistivity or capacitance. Pragma believes that this is the most applicable and achievable first use for artificially intelligent devices in a downhole environment in the near future. Pragma’s solution will bring a step change to the industry for production management that will maximise recovery in new and depleted fields.

Steam Assisted Recovery Inflow Control Valve

The Pragma Steam Assisted Recovery Inflow Control Valve is being developed for use in steam flood and steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) applications.

Its simple and robust design, with only a single moving part, is capable of completely shutting off steam breakthrough and maintaining a low steam/oil ratio throughout the well life. The valve contains components proven in other industries for use in harsh environments, with thousands of usage cycles and no degradation in performance. The steam assisted recovery inflow control valve will allow unprecedented simplification of reservoir models for well planning and optimisation with its straightforward functionality. Pragma believes this technology has the capability of making a significant impact on the economics of steam assisted recovery operations.